Surfacing Roads

So how does one run a successful vineyard? One popular approach these days, is to open it up to the public and allow tours of the premises. Many people love a wine-tasting tour on a beautiful vineyard, and there's no reason that yours shouldn't leave a lasting impact if you open it up. It's nice to see the inner workings of our industry, as a bystander.

But one thing you probably haven't thought about is your facilities. Do you have public toilets? Have you had road surfacing completed so that people don't need to drive up a bumpy lane to get there? Are there footpaths that allow people easy navigation between different parts of the vineyard? Of course, this isn't to say you should needlessly ruin the beauty of your vineyard if you don't need to. Though in some cases it's in the best interests of everyone's safety.

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Besides this, it's hard work to make your vineyard always appealing to tourists or visitors. You need to ensure you keep everything clean and tidy, as well as your plants looking fresh. It's always good to give your visitors a good runthrough of the process behind making wine, adding in a personal touch here and there, so that they never forget your company. A large part of customer retention is to make sure every impression left on people is positive.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what you'll need to do to ensue the success of a vineyard tour, do a little more research. Not every vineyard is the same, so some other advice on vineyards closer to what you have will benefit you greatly.